Malaysia visa requirements for Bangladeshi

visa requirement for malaysia

The ultimate guide to Malaysia visa requirements for Bangladeshi

Bangladesh nationals who plan to travel to Malaysia should be aware that they require a visa to enter the country. The Malaysian Government has made it mandatory for all Bangladeshi passport holders to obtain a visa before entering Malaysia. This visa requirement applies regardless of whether you are traveling for business, tourism, or Study in Malaysia.

Malaysia Student Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

Bangladeshi students who wish to study in Malaysia must fulfill certain Malaysia visa requirements for Bangladeshi students before entering the country. The most important requirement is a valid student pass, which can be obtained from the Malaysian embassy or consulate in Bangladesh. Additionally, students are required to have a letter of acceptance from a recognized institution in Malaysia.

Once these documents have been obtained, students must apply for their visas through the immigration department of Malaysia. They will need to provide copies of their passport and other relevant documents as well as pay a processing fee. It is recommended that students apply for their visa well in advance of their intended travel date to avoid any delay or complications.

In addition to the student pass and acceptance letter, Bangladeshi students may also be required to provide proof of sufficient funds for living expenses during their stay in Malaysia. This can include bank statements and sponsorship letters from family members or organizations.

The Rules for Applying for a Student Visa for Malaysia

The Malaysian government has simplified the application process for student visas. The students can no longer contact their neighbourhood Malaysian embassy or consulate. Let’s talk through the procedure step by step:

  1. A copy of your Passport: Apply for a student visa through your university. Observe the unique guidelines for applications that the college has specified. It will be necessary for you to provide a copy of your passport. This is what we require:
    • Your biodata page in your passport includes information about you, such as your name and face.
    • All pages, including Visa information. Only some of your passport’s pages are necessary. No need to submit the page if it’s blank.
    • Observation page (displaying any additions, name changes, and earlier passport numbers)
    • 18 months is the advised passport validity period.
    • (If necessary) Special Pass or Exit Stamp
  2. Offer Letter: You must submit a copy of your offer letter when you apply for a student visa in Malaysia. If you submit an application online, you can fill out the form and submit it once you obtain a letter of acceptance or offer from your school.
  3. Certificates and previous academic certificates.
  4. A health-related document attesting to your good health. Going through a pre-arrival medical examination at an authorized clinic abroad would be best.
  5. If you are from a place with a danger of yellow fever transmission or have recently been there, you should have a certificate proving you have been immunized.
  6. All international students are required to sign a Personal Bond as proof that they will abide by Malaysia’s immigration regulations. The bond will be paid back if you don’t break any laws.
  7. English Language Requirement: Evidence of language proficiency in English. You must take an English language test and provide the certificate proving that your level of English is adequate. The following tests’ certifications are recognized by Malaysia:
    • Global English Language Testing System, or IELTS
    • English as a Foreign Language Test, or TOEFL
    • Pearson Test of English – Academic
    • Advanced (Cambridge English)
    • Proficiency in Cambridge English
    • Malaysian University English Test, or MUET
Can you work while on a student visa for Malaysia?

The owner of a Malaysian Student Pass is not permitted to work while in school. Only school holidays lasting at least seven days are permissible for employment. You are limited to part-time employment (up to 20 hours per week).