Malaysia study cost from Bangladesh

malaysia study cost from bangladesh

Find your Universities tuition fees, Accommodation in Malaysia Study Costs from Bangladesh

Malaysia is an excellent option if you’re a Bangladeshi student considering studying abroad. Malaysia’s study cost from Bangladesh is more affordable than other destinations. Not only is it geographically close to Bangladesh, but it’s also one of the most affordable study destinations in Asia. Malaysia, as a country, is home to several prestigious private and public institutes that are reputed for their exceptional and remarkable education system. If you want to study for your bachelor’s or master’s degree from this world-rank university, then axiom education will be your first choice for study abroad consultation in Dhaka.

Types of tuition fees and Study Cost in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

#Academic Fees:

  1. Enrollment fee
  2. Tuition costs
  3. Payment for the computer/science lab
  4. The premium for health and hospital insurance
  5. Library fees
  6. Additional expenses, such as test fees

#Non-academic Charges:

  1. Fees for student visas
  2. Medical examination
  3. The premium for health and hospitalization insurance

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes tuition fees are approximate:

The cost of tuition in Malaysia varies depending on the institution and course of study. On average, international students’ fees are given below:

Tuition fees at public universities

  • Bachelor’s degrees: 2,000–4,500 EUR/year
  • Master’s degrees: 500–4,000 EUR/year

Some degrees in Medicine can cost as much as 27,000 EUR per academic year.

Tuition fees at private universities

  • Bachelor’s degrees: 1,350–9,300 EUR/year
  • Master’s degrees: 1,500–3,000 EUR/year

Some degrees in Medicine can cost as much as 19,850 EUR per academic year.

Living expenses in Malaysia for Bangladeshi students

Regarding living expenses, Malaysia is relatively affordable compared to other study destinations. Accommodation costs vary depending on location and type of accommodation. Although the basic cost in the nation depends on the person’s preferences for housing, food, city of choice, etc., an approximate amount needed to exist in Malaysia for a month is as follows:

Type of Expenditure


Accommodation per month

RM300 to RM600

Food / Housekeeping

RM600-900 to RM20-30

Health insurance per month


Phone and internet


Personal Expenses

RM125 to RM450

Travel costs

RM100 to RM300

Books and Supplies


If you’re considering study in Malaysia from Bangladesh, it’s important to research your options carefully and budget accordingly. With proper planning and preparation, studying abroad in Malaysia can be an excellent investment in your future.