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Student Visa in USA

Exploring the Requirements for a Student Visa in the USA, online visa application, application fee, interview process at the US embassy, and the relevant papers, such as passport, visa application confirmation page, SEVIS fee receipt, and financial documents.

See the Required documents to get an F1 student visa in USA from Bangladesh. Apply Now for the F-1, M-1 visa in the USA.

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Fulbright Scholarship in USA

American Govt & University offers a variety of funding options for individuals and organizations in fields such as research, education, business, and the arts. Apply to get a Fulbright scholarship in USA for Bangladeshi Students.

Looking for Fulbright scholarships in USA? Apply Now for the Fulbright Foreign Student Program from Bangladesh.

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Cost of study in USA

The average cost of studying in a USA university varies depending on the program and institution you select. Know the details cost of tuition, housing, food, transportation, and other expenses and prepare a budget appropriately.

How much does it cost to study in the USA from Bangladesh? Average tuition fees, living & other expenses for a student.

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Explore the Study in USA from Bangladesh- Top Universities, Courses, Fees, Scholarships, Student Visa, Application cost, etc.

Every year, thousands of international students want to study in United States of America (USA) to pursue their academic ambitions and get a world-class education. Students from Bangladesh are no exception, and many desire to study in USA from Bangladesh.

Studying in USA from Bangladesh with a fully funded Scholarship from an American university is a dream for every student in Bangladesh. If you are one of them, you come to the right place. Axiom Education will guide you with How you can achieve your study in the USA dream. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting a USA F1 Student visa, Fulbright Scholarship, Study cost, living cost, Bank statement, Work permit, top Course, and university in the USA.

Why Study in the USA?

The US has some of the best universities in the world, with a reputation for academic excellence and cutting-edge research. American institutions offer a wide range of programs and courses, ensuring that every student can find something that suits their interests and career goals. Learning in the USA can be a life-changing experience, allowing students to obtain information, skills, and exposure that can prepare them for success in their future employment. In this post, we will cover the numerous aspects of studying in the USA from Bangladesh and how students can prepare for this journey.

Things to know before considering studying in USA from Bangladesh

Nonetheless, studying in the USA requires meticulous planning and preparation as an international student. There are various steps, from getting a student F1 visa to choosing the best university and program for study in USA from Bangladesh. In this article, we Axiom education family, will give Bangladeshi students who want to study in the USA a thorough primer that covers everything from admissions standards to financial aid options.


1.Research the top course programs and University: The first step in studying in the USA is to explore universities and programs that meet your academic interests and aspirations. Students can look for institutions and programs online, attend education fairs, or contact education experts to learn about their alternatives. There are three official Information help offices in Dhaka EducationUSA Bangladesh centers. Some popular colleges in the USA that attract overseas students include Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, and California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

  1. Meet the admission requirement: Students should first select some universities and programs they wish to apply. You may apply directly on the websites of the majority of Universities. Each university and program may have different criteria, but generally, international students need to submit their all academic transcripts, test scores (such as the SAT or PTE), essays, recommendation letters, and proof of English ability (such as TOEFL or IELTS). Students should carefully consider the admission requirements and prepare their application documents properly. Because some universities require standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc. Depending on the institution, application costs for universities often range from $75 to $100 USD.
  1. Apply for a student visa: International students must obtain a student visa to study in USA from Bangladesh. The visa application procedure can be lengthy, so students should apply before their anticipated start date. Students must complete the online visa application, pay the application fee, schedule an interview at the US embassy or consulate in their home country, and produce the relevant papers, such as passport, visa application confirmation page, SEVIS fee receipt, and financial documents. Additionally, you’ll need proof that you or your sponsor have enough money to pay for the entire year’s living costs and tuition (as indicated on the I-20 form). Furthermore, you have to prove your access to these dollars. To get a “No Objection Certificate” (N.O.C.) from the bank after receiving a student visa, save a copy of your I-20.

4.Plan your funds or Scholarship: Studying in the USA can be expensive, so students must arrange their finances wisely. Students should examine the cost of tuition, housing, food, transportation, and other expenses and prepare a budget appropriately. Bangladeshi students may be qualified for scholarships, grants, and different types of financial aid, so they should also explore these opportunities. Also, students must present proof of financial support while applying for a student visa. You need a letter from the university stating the amount and kind of assistance offered, whether providing you with a scholarship, fellowship, assistantship, loan, or on-campus work.